DO$H is celebrating 1 year in business with a promotion which pays you $25 (normally $5) per referral. This promotion ends on May 7, 2018… so sign up here, grab your referral link and start sharing!

Late last year, I shared a tip with you on saving money using Ebates.com. This is still working quite well. You can sign up for EBATES here: https://www.ebates.com

But there is a new player in the game that will also help you get cash back from companies where you’re probably already spending money.  It’s called Dosh App. What’s nice is that they also have a simple and free referral program that pays you for sharing the app with others who want to not only save money, but also make a little extra cash.

Just follow the steps below to get started:

1. Download DOSH cash back app here:

2. Register ANY Credit card or Debit card.
Prepaid cards not allowed. The card must be active but
a balance is NOT required!!

3. Verify your E-mail.

4. Click the “Social” tab for your promo link!

5. SHARE that link and EARN a cash referral bonus for every person who repeats the steps above!!!

Pro Tip:  Combine this with eBates, and you can “double dip” on the savings!